Te Araroa - New Zealands Long Path

To say The Te Araroa Trail is the same as saying The the Te Araroa Trail trail. It is correct to say I am hiking Te Araroa or I am hiking the long path which is a translation from Maori.

You can download the newest GPX file for the trail here (Bottom of page)

Directly below is the way Kiwis pronounce Te Araroa

Te Araroa slow.mp3

Te Araroa fast.mp3

Link to Te Araroa Web by clicking the Icon 

The second most important Web to visit is the Te Araroa Wiki site. Here you can easily add and or edit information useful for those hiking behind you. Have a heart and help them

 We live one kilometre past Papaka Road on Ngunguru Road. That is .003% off trail.

The Ngunguru Connection - One of the easiest, fastest way to the Mackerel Forest Track is to hitch from our place as opposed to crossing the Ngunguru River in Ngunguru (New route as of 2016 season) and road walking the nine kilometres to the Mackerel Forest track. (Little traffic on Ngunguru Ford Road from Nikau Bay.)

We offer camping for koha for trail walkers. Despite what the Topo Maps show, there are no Camp Grounds in Ngunguru. It makes an ideal stop prior to the day walk to Pataua or North to Whananaki. If we are not home camp on the grass patch between the gardens on the right about 20m past the bee hives on the left. You will find a toilet in the bush behind the garden and water at the pump shed by the tanks. Please conserve the rain water. It is all we have.

We offer a complimentary evening meal to Te Araroa hikers who book and stay at The Riverbank B&B. Call us. Check our Booking Calendar for availability and prices.

Sea Kayak Bypass - The Riverbank is also a suitable pick up point for Mark Garry's sea kayak route to Pataua. Mark knows our place. Visit http://www.nzseakayaking.co.nz or Email pc.kayaks@gmail.com or phone M: 021 129 5921    T: 09 436 1947 to arrange a pickup.

Photos above are of the Mackerel Forest Track -  Waitangi River Crossing.

Below is the latest September 2015 GPX files for Te Araroa. Also visit Te Araroa Downloads page

2016 / 2017 Season Files

This is a small (3MB) file with the Route shown as tracks. The route has been heavily generalised to keep the file size small. 

This does not have a route line, only each km marked as a waypoint (1MB file) - more suitable for confident navigators that may need occasional reassurance they are heading the right way. 

This contains 83 routes that directly aligns to the way in which routes are listed on the Te Araroa website. Experienced GPS users would likely want to modify the files (17MB).

Kirstine's / Tony Hadfield's combined trail notes and maps (Download Zip) : - North Island  South Island

Te Araroa Maps for Devices

These will be suitable to save on a phone/device and can be used by an app such as PDF Maps.

North Island maps (137MB), click HERE

South Island maps (144MB), click HERE

Brian Tanzman's Trail Notes as a 150kb excel spreadsheet 2015 / 2016 Season

The trail notes on the Te Araroa's website prints to over 200 pages. This represents the trail notes condensed into an excel spreadsheet which prints to about 21 pages front/back. Updated as of November 2015 . Normal disclaimers apply such as use at your own risk and there probably is an error somewhere in here. But hey, that's what makes the TA fun.